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Pepe Jijon Sidra

Pepe Jijon Sidra

Producer: Pepe Jijon

Finca: Soledad

Variety: Sydra

Region: Imbabura, Ecuador

Elevation: 1,515-1,800 Meters

Process: Washed 

Harvest: August 2023

Notes: Plum, Blackberry, Big fruit bomb, clean, purple florality with a long articulated acidity. This cup is sparkling, complex & boysenberry expressive. The dimensionality of this coffee from hot to cool is remarkable. Much like Grade 1 Ethiopian coffees, this Landrace has many layers with standout brightness and sweetness. 

I recently met Pepe, after chatting a bit it quickly became apparent why he is so loved and celebrated. Not only is he an excellent bio-dynamic farmer - he cares. Pepe Jijon has taken his love for coffee and the planet to the next level. His philosophy on living harmoniously with the earth shows up in the brew. Below are some of his words on his farm and process.

"Soledad coffee philosophy Finca soledad was born 2010 in the remote intag valley , in a protected United nations world heritage GEOPARK The farm is 120 hectares mainly of protected or replanted forests . We grow coffee in only 5 hectares , typica mejorada, Sydra , Gesha and panamá geisha . We work in harmony with the environment and that is where we get our inspiration from …. Nature Wave philosophy embraces our respect and understanding of the silent language of nature .

We aim to transform our coffee fruits into happy beans . In our processes we try to cause the least amount of stress to the living embryo so that when finally roasted it shines , brings synergy to the cup and happiness to the responsible consumer. The variables we use , environment, temperature, time , pressure are modulated without extreme changes to avoid stress . We focus on energy . For drying we apply the same care , using only indirect sunlight and extended times to control water activity Either washed or natural Great care and day and night compromise is required.

Every lot we make is unique . An expression of the moment , the energy of the pickers , the balance of microorganisms, the weather …. All interact to create a work of art of nature & nurture"



Last roast was done on the 4th of December. We are completely sold out of this lot. Thank you everyone for supporting our collaborative work with farming-partners like Pepe.

Best brewed or cupped two weeks+ after roast.


Process Details: Picked at peak ripeness, 48hr. in-cherry fermentation, depulped, washed, 48hr. barrel fermentation, washed again, 45-50 days drying til moisture contents hits 10.5-11%mc. This Sydra is sparkling clean, Pepe is exact with his processing and has tailored these seeds for clarity and cleanliness. Check out the pictures to see how pristine and precise his drying tables are. 

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