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Flower Child is a small roasting and green buying project that is a product of years in the industry. We are procuring the finest green coffees we can find and roasting for clarity. Our approach to roasting aims to transparently showcase each coffee without adding too much or too little development; in other words, we are fully developing our light roast. We carefully roast each lot for a clear expression of harvest, terroir and varietal. We take roasting very seriously. We are perpetually analyzing, cupping and fine-tuning our approach to profiles.

Flower Child selections are curated to exemplify the potential of coffee varietals from their respective regions. We curate for clean, vibrant and high scoring varieties. Our offerings are from some of the most advanced farmers worldwide. These farmers care, they go above and beyond, it shows in the cup. We work closely with our farmers and pay them well over 2-3x the market average, keeping our compensation to farmers high despite a fluctuating market. We pay a higher premium to support the livelihood and future development of our producing partners. The roaster & farmer dialogue has come a long way over the last decade, we are stoked get a more constructive and insightful perspective each season. The relationships we have with our producing partners have been crucial to establishing the standard of quality we offer. 

We hope you appreciate these offerings as much as we do. Thanks for checking out our coffee project!

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Photos of Prestin by RJ Rabe