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Guchienda Estate

Guchienda Estate

Varietal: 100% SL-28

Region: Kibugu, Embu County, Kenya

Altitude: 1800-1900 masl

Process: Washed

Harvest: December 2021

Notes: Bramble, blood orange & lilac. 

We are proud to be present to you a 100% SL-28 lot from Kenya! This is an exciting project from a family-owned estate near the town of Embu. This production is a big move towards empowering individual farmers and workers in Kenya. Guchienda Estate is a small, Kenyan owned & operated estate of 14 Acres. This harvest is a beautiful example of what SL-28 can exhibit: Vibrant, clean and complex. Managed by two brothers, Edwin and Benson Mati, they ensure the coffee is properly washed, sorted and dried. When processing, they carefully watch out for temperature fluctuations and make adjustments accordingly. Fermented for 24-36 hours then dried evenly for 12-20 days. 

The attention to detail is apparent in the cup on this one, incredibly consistent. Lively citrus, rounded blackberry and raspberry. This cups boasts a juicy body and a complex structure throughout. This is a limited quantity lot.

Last roast date: December 4th, shipped the following day. Best cupped or brewed two weeks+ after roast date.

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