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German Peña

German Peña

Farm: El Roblar

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Region: Suaza, Huila, Colombia

Altitude: 1,800 MASL

Process: Washed

Harvest: October 2023

Notes: Blackberry, raspberry, ripe cherry & intense syrupy sweetness.

The aroma of this coffee is loud with a red-berry jam essence. The cup is rich & full of tropical highlights. Notes of Muscadine grape, black cherry and passion-fruit permeate the palate. The profile has a heavy-weighted mouthfeel, the berry notes present themselves poignantly. Overall, German has produced a hyper sweet PinkB with articulated acidic nuance.

German Peña grows coffee on Finca El Roblar with his wife and two kids. A great example of family working together on quality. German receives help with fertilization, cleaning and harvesting from his brothers-in-law, nephews and brothers, as well who live nearby the farm.

When German was 14 years old, his family owned a coffee plantation which was located at lower altitude neighbouring their grandmother’s farm. His father sold that patch and left German a small plot of land. This is currently where El Roblar is located. In those times the farm had very basic forms of accomodation, no house and therefore having to sleep in a tent as they worked on the farm. Starting with no coffee trees on a farm and with quite low average temperatures. The land back then was only used for letting their animals wander around. Since then, he has grown to become a world renowned producer.

Don German Peña Zuta has wowed many roasters, farmers and cuppers this year with his Pink Bourbon competition lot. He took 2nd place at the Copa de Oro this year! Many of the judges gave German (heir-mahn) their highest scores. This is not one to miss and truly amazing we even got ahold of some of his work. Limited quantities available, enjoy!


Roasted on Mondays and shipped the following day.

Our coffee is best after two weeks+ of the roast date.


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