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Urrao Especial

Urrao Especial

Variety: Chiroso

Altitude: 1,800-2,000 meters

Region: Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia

Process: Washed

Harvested: December 2022

Notes: Honey, white grape, marigold & yellow fruits.

This cup hits on all sides; aroma, fragrance, acidity, sweetness and body. This coffee graces the cup with an elongated delicate florality, honeyed fruit with a sharp-clean finish. This lot is a very special one for us. Chiroso has quietly rose in the ranks as one of the most dynamic coffee varieties to come out of Colombia. It is certainly my favorite. Caturra Chiroso or simply known as Chiroso, has been genetically identified as an Ethiopian Landrace. It certainly exhudes the florality and pointed fruit characteristics of an Ethiopian coffee. Urrao is one of the few places in Colombia to isolate this variety.

The small fincas of Urrao, Antioquia are on the come-up. Until recently, this region was generally worked for "volume coffee", not much specialty-coffee attention was given to the area until Chiroso won Colombia's Cup of Excellence competition. Now the variety is getting a lot of buzz and sought out. This is a boon for Urrao farmer's looking to gain autonomy and greater holding's in the specialty world (greater profit margins). Not many farmer's in the Urrao region can afford or have the capacity to fulfill a full bag of Chiroso. In order to help support the farmers of Urrao, we have gladly invested in a community lot of this incredible variety. We are one of the few roasters in the world to get a 100% Chiroso lot this year. This is a nano-size lot, limited quantities available. 

Next Scheduled Roast Date: Monday, July 3rd. Flower Child coffees are best cupped or brewed after two weeks of the roast date. 

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