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Variety: Bourbon

Region: Kayanza, Burundi

Elevation: 1,700 meters

Process: Washed

Harvest: May 2022

Cupping notes: 

rhubarb, apple crisp, silky plumb, singing acidity, firm structure & pear. 

This selection from the hillside of Bumba, Burundi is a stunning representation of the Bourbon variety. The cup offers rounded berry attributes up front, a layered tea-like structure with high notes of acidity throughout. Hot too cool, this coffee is a portal of flavonoids like nothing else. We selected this lot for its high marks of cleanliness, acidity and unique tartness. A brilliant combo of dark purple fruits and bright tropical nuance. 

This coffee is from the remote reaches of the Kayanza district. You have to cross over three rivers and pass by two province borders to reach Bumba hill. The farming communities that call Bumba home are far beyond the reach of clean drinking water and electricity. Coffee is the most important crop grown on the hill, closely competing with corn and beans. Step closer to the center of the hill and you’ll find a local market where people sell baskets full of freshly harvested crops and trade other household essentials. Only one primary school stands tall on Bumba hill. We are so stoked to work with the farmers of Burundi to share with you some of the greatest growing potential in the world of coffee!


Best cupped/brewed two weeks+ after roast date. Next scheduled roast date is April 24th.

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