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Abel Salinas

Abel Salinas

Farm: Arashi

Variety: 100% Mejorado

Region: Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador

Elevation: 1,900 meters

Harvest: July-August 2023

Notes: Light bodied, peach, pear, golden delicious apple, floral. 


This Mejorado is a clean and silky cup. The brightness hits upfront with a decrescendo of subtle flavors like green apple & tokaji grape. There is a delicate florality and bright consistency from hot to cool. The acidity is lively without overpowering the pear-like sucrose. 

Flower Child is proud to roast one of our favorite varieties from another leader in the coffee-farming-world. Introducing Abel Salinas: a Cup of Excellence winner, hard-working and discerning farmer. Abel's Mejorado has popularized his region and set a high standard for Ecuador. By producing a notable Mejorado, his work stands out amongst so many other coffees worldwide. 

Finca Arashi sits at an elevation of 1,900 meters above sea level and consists of 7 hectares of land, and around 22,000 coffee trees in production and the majority of the production being the exotic Mejorado. However, Abel also grows some Sidra and H1 Hybrid. Abel starts his Mejorado Washed lot by de-pulping and then dry-fermenting the coffee for 24 hours. Upon washing the coffee, he then immediately places it to dry for 15 days in a greenhouse structure. 

Mejorado has been enjoyed for it's floral and fruit prominence. The variety is mainly grown in Ecuador and has been identified as a cross between Landrace and a Bourbon variety. This cup contains a unique sparkling tropicality, you don't want to miss this one.


Roasted on: Monday, February 5th.

Just a few bags left!

Best cupped or brewed two weeks+ after roast date. Peak rest is 3weeks+. Enjoy whenever you want.

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