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Please be advised, this is just one of many ways to brew coffee well. I based the below pour over recipe off a V60 using Cafec T-92 Filters & a Melo-drip.


How We Brew It - FlowerChild Coffee

Best brewed or cupped 2 weeks+ post-roast. Coffees generally peak after 3 weeks. Letting the coffee rest will do wonders. Playing around with the parameters given is encouraged, finding out what works best for you takes time and can be specific to your set-up.


We recommend using boiling water, the hotter the water, the better the extraction for our coffees. Relatively soft water (around 80ppm). Filtered water will do just fine.


We like to brew our coffee at 1:18. That’s 1 gram of coffee for every 18 grams of water you brew with. For example, if you have 20g of coffee, you’d brew with 360g of water.

The Grind

Medium-fine grind. Something like sand. The length of time for your brew will be a good indicator of the right grind setting. If your brew time is less than 3 minutes, try tightening up the grind to slow your brew time. A 4-5 minute brew time is great.


Rinse the filter with hot water. Initially pour 2-3x the weight of the coffee dose at 210F/99C. Let the coffee bloom for up to 45 seconds. Repeat this with your second pour without letting the bed dry out (could be another minute). Continue pouring with 212F water in a circular motion & agitating with slow pulses into brew then fill until you reach the calculated brew weight. Tap gently a few times to settle the grounds into the coffee bed. The resulting cup should be rounded, sweet and clean. 

Ideal at 25-27% Extraction. Hitting anything 23%+ is great.

Hand Brew Iced Coffee:

Brew Hot - Follow Guide Above

Ratio: 1:16

Brew Time: 5min+

Ext. 25%+

Technique: Brew into a vessel that can be gradually chilled in ice water. After hot brew, immediately seal the top to reduce oxidation. Immerse into an ice bath and swirl intermittently. 15min.

--Serve on ice, enjoy!

If brewing with larger volumes (2liter+), take carafe and cool in a fridge over a period of 2-6hours.

Limit as much oxidation as possible with the iced coffee. If possible, brew into a carafe that will be gradually chilled in fridge/ice. Make sure your brew is sealed in an airtight container.

Espresso - Yoder’s General Recipe

Ratio: 1:3.4 - 4

Dose: 16-17g

Yield: 50-65g.


5-10sec. 1-2,3 Bar Intro

30-40sec. 5 Bar Brew

5-10sec. 3,2-1 Taper

Total time: 45-65 seconds

Water Temperature: 210-212F / 98-100C


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