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Variety: Bourbon Field Blend

Region: Muramvya, Burundi

Altitude: 1,800 Meters

Process: Washed

Harvest: May 2023

Notes: Apricot, citrus, sweet and savory complexity.

Ninga Hill produced a standout lot this year. It's been fascinating to observe, roast and cup the coffees of Long Miles Coffee for several years now. This cup was a standout among so many great lots. Upfront the viscosity is jammy and has a marmalade tart about it. The cup evolves tremendously in character; hot & sweet into cool & sharp. Some other notes may include lemon meringue, baking spice & toffee. A unique and delicious profile.

The 2023 harvest in Muramvya was low yielding in fruit with high end results. The absolute best cherry selection and defect sorting processes were executed at Ninga Washing Station. This made for excellent cup quality despite low fruiting. They picked ripe, did a 12 hour ferment, cleaned/rinsed, density graded, raised-bed dried to a stable moisture content.  Because all of this work was done sooo well and thoroughly, we can enjoy the clarity and nuance of Burundi terroir nearly a year after harvest. The coffee exhibits vibrant characteristics given how far the coffees journey is to us. 

Long Miles Coffee Project has been a sourcing-partner that brings the potential of the working people to fruition in the Burudian coffee industry. Coffee is a major market for the people of Burundi, the Long Miles Team has arduously helped build a platform for them to show off the natural beauty of their coffee and raise the lid on compensation for specialty work much like this lot from Ninga. It's taken years, red tape, hassles, set backs and determination. We could not be more grateful for their persistence and logistical tenacity.


Roasted on Mondays. Shipped the following day.

Coffees are best after two weeks+ of roast date. 

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