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Manuel Marlo - Gesha

Manuel Marlo - Gesha

Producer: Manuel Marlo Baca 

Variety: Gesha

Farm: Pacpa

Region: Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Peru

Elevation: 1,850 Meters 

Process: Washed

Harvest: October 2023

Notes: Floral, nectarine, pear, ripe tropical fruits, long and delicate acidity.

Introducing Manuel Marlo; A new powerhouse farmer out of the highlands of Peru! This is one of our favorite coffees ever cupped from Peru. This profile boasts a big body, glossy viscosity, peak stone fruit sweetness and dynamism hot to cool.

Manuel is a new producer to us with extreme promise. His production is built off of the foundations of his family's legacy in coffee farming. Manuel is young & eagerly seeking to enhance his repoitore in the realm of specialty coffee. We've been talking for a minute now and I cannot express how encouraging his story is. He's honoring his family and taking the time to properly sort and process his coffee for clarity and quality. He wants to improve his cup score - yes, he cups his coffees and many other coffees year round. There's an attention to detail and general love for the natural world in Manuel, it's infectious.

He's carefully selected only ripe cherry's for this lot. He did an 18hr. fermentation and held the seed in parchment for 35 hours. He's built out a rad (raised bed) drying station where he dried the coffee for up to 30 days. After milling and sorting he immediately put these into hermetic bags for optimal storage. All of these steps were done well, it's exciting to see this kind of work come out of Peru. The cup quality is very good. Saludos.

Orders are roasted on Monday & shipped the following day.

Coffees are best after two weeks+ of roast date. 

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