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Manuel Marlo - Bourbon

Manuel Marlo - Bourbon

Farm: Pacpa

Variety: Bourbón

Region: Lonya Grande, Amazonas, Perú

Elevation: 1,850 MASL

Harvest: October 2023

Notes: Redhaven peach, Cara Cara, honeycrisp apple, round, glossy mouthfeel with citrus accents.

A Bourbon variety for the books right here! This cup is bright, layered and juicy-clean. There's a lot going on; notes of blood orange, passionfruit, white grape, macadamia with persistent-silky tropical subtleties. The rarity of seeing a bourbon like this from Peru is also fascinating. We've long awaited the growing potential of the Peruvian mountains to be manifested by hard-working individuals like Manuel. Señor Marlo has developed a new chapter of growth and quality upon his family's legacy.

Manuel Marlo Baca is a young producer out of the Amazonas in Peru. We've met him through a new cooperative called Collective Bean Peru, whom are helping boost the visibility & incentives to farmers for producing specialty coffee.  Manuel and I have been talking and he really cares about his coffee cultivation and processing. He's genuinely interested in the development of more exacting standards. We are honored to be working with Finca Pacpa this year and hopefully for years to come.

We bought the entirity of this lot (2x 100lb.s green), limited quantities available. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!



Roasted on Mondays, shipped the following day.

Coffees are best after two weeks+ of roast date. 

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