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La Ilusión

La Ilusión

Variety: 100% Chiroso

Producer: Luis Carlos

Region: Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia

Elevation: 2,000 Meters

Process: Washed

Harvest: January 2024

Notes: Mandarine, round, balanced, citric & floral.

Luis Carlos has produced a wonderful rendition of the Chiroso variety for us this year. This cup is clean, with delicate notes of lemon, orange and white peach. This variety can either go very tropical or floral in our experience, this one is the latter. La Ilusión is a silky cup, with medium+ sweetness. We are grateful we got such a lovely Chiroso this year from the Don Luis, it's expertly executed. 

Finca La Ilusión is located in Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia, and managed by Luis Carlos Urrego, a 58-year-old, second-generation coffee grower. The farm consists of 2 hectares (5 acres) of land and sits at an elevation of 2,000 m.a.s.l, with around 3,500 coffee trees in production.

Luis Carlos processes his coffee by harvesting the ripest cherries and de-pulping them the same day. Parchment is then submerged in tiled tanks and fermented for 4 days straight, before being washed. The coffee is then placed in raised beds to dry for around 8-12 days, depending on the weather. 

Luis Carlos Urrego has been growing coffee all of his life. He learned the craft from his father when he was young, but decided to move closer to town 20 years ago, and sold the family farm in the process. 

However, Luis Carlos started feeling nostalgia for coffee growing, leading him 7 years ago to buy a new piece of land in Urrao, which he called Finca La Ilusión.
Ever since, he says, he has felt like a missing piece has finally been replenished, and he yearns for each crop of his Chiroso coffee. Aside from coffee, he also grows avocados and limes. Kudos Luis, we are so glad you got back into coffee!


Roasted on Mondays, Shipped the following day.

Our coffees are best after 2 weeks+ of the roast date.


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