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Jose Flores

Jose Flores

Variety: Chiroso

Farm: El Silencio

Region: Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia

Elevation: 2,050 Meters Above Sea Level

Process: Washed

Harvest: February 2024

Notes: Vanilla, date, light florality & cane sugar. 

Our latest Chiroso offering is a well rounded cup. Hot to cool this profile has glossy-clean feel, clove honey sweetness and Typica-esque pear finish. I also get notes of vanilla bean, pluot & elderberry. This cup is noticeably bigger in body than other Chiroso's we've offered this year, it's got a unique dark-berry feel all around.

This lot was obtained by processing cherries picked the same day, the coffee is de-pulped and left in a concrete fermentation tank for about 6 days, Jose adds water to the fermentation, but he changes this water every day. At the end of the fermentation process, he washes and dries the coffee immediately; he believes it is very important to drain the water right away and leave the coffee to dry in the greenhouse to ensure that no defects appear in the cup. Depending on the weather, his drying process can take 8 to 12 days.

Jose and his wife Marta are very involved in the processing of the coffee. They are very attentive to the drying process, which requires a lot of time moving the parchment and making sure that the coffee is dried to the right moisture content & careful to not get there too fast! This kind of attention to the process is what makes this a great coffee. Their two children, Sergio (22) and Milena (23) have moved to the city to pursue different careers, but they often return to the farm to see their parents and enjoy the tranquility and spectacular views of Finca el Silencio.

Order by Sunday for next Monday's roast.

Our coffees are best after two weeks++ of the roast date. Enjoy anytime.


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