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Jhon Wilson Poveda

Jhon Wilson Poveda

Varietals: V. Colombia, Castillo & Caturra

Region: Acevedo, Colombia

Altitude: 1,700 MASL

Process: Washed

Harvest: February 2022

Notes: Marmalade, Honeydew, Juicy Body with Melon Sweetness. 


About Jhon:

We were the first to buy Jhon's coffee when it came into the United States several years ago. His coffee stood out on the table as a uniquely marbled and stunningly bright cup. Since then, his coffees have only improved and his methods proven wiser and more efficient. He is an annual competition winner in Acevedo and the ability to even purchase this coffee is impossible as he is otherwise working exclusively with another roaster/partner. We are honored to be able to roast this coffee, it's a full-circle experience to be able to carry the torch again for JWP. His coffees sing with juicy stone-fruit, rounded sweetness and clean Meyer-lemon acidity. We are so in love and proud of the JWP family production, the coffee speaks for itself.

Next scheduled roast: October 3rd. Shipped the following day. Best cupped or brewed after two weeks of roast date.



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