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Ernedis Rodriguez

Ernedis Rodriguez

Variety: Sidra

Farm: El Paraiso

Region: Gigante, Huila, Colombia

Elevation: 1,840 Meters

Harvest: November 2023

Process: Washed

Notes: Plum, fig, guava, full-bodied. 

Ernedis has produced a big-berry profile out of his Sidra production this season. The cup is saturated with purple fruits like plum, syrah grape and black cherry. There are bright botanical hints as the cup cools. Overall, this a sweet, big bodied Sidra packing in heavy ripe fruits.

Only the ripest cherries are picked and upon arriving to the wet-mill, are floated, de-pulped and the dry-fermented for 84 hours. After washing, the coffee is then laid to dry in a greenhouse for anywhere from 18-25 days, depending on the weather. 

Ernedis is one of the hardest working and smartest producers we know and his efforts pay plenty of dividends! Not only has he commented to us that he views his farm as a company (like every farmer should), but being able to sell his coffee at elevated prices, consistently for so many years, means that he has really become the CEO of the company; he doesn’t work the coffee fields anymore, he oversees the workers he hires to clean, fertilize and pick cherries and focuses his efforts on the processing and drying.

It’s crazy to think that he was manually floating cherries for 7 hectares of coffee, but that is how he was doing it for 5-10 years!

A couple of years ago, he was able to upgrade his infrastructure and now has a wet-mill that auto sorts and floats the cherries prior to de-pulping. This is a huge step and saves Ernedis an enormous amount of time and work, allowing him to better focus his attention on other areas of the business. Some ecological examples of this are a 3-step process for composting the cherry pulp, using an eco-washer to wash the coffee (these eco-washers use literally a fraction of the water to wash the coffees, compared to the traditional washing) and using organic methods to filter the “honey water”. A one-of-a-kind producer that we are thrilled to be able to work with! 

Roasted on Monday's. Shipped the following day.

Our coffees are best after two weeks+ of the roast date.



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