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Consuelo Rubio

Consuelo Rubio

Variety: Tabi

Region: Cajamarca, Peru

Elevation: 1,800 Meters

Process: Washed-Anaerobic

Harvest: October 2023

Notes: Tangerine, kumquat, fresh pressed orange juice, silky smooth, heavy sweetness. 

Our first ever anaerobic process coffee has been selected after two years on the board. This lot is undeniably juicy. Consuelo's work is remniscient of some of the greatest Tabi lots we have tasted from Colombia. This anaerobic processed coffee is pushing the envelope for our standard of cleanliness in coffee, that said, it is an interesting representation of the orange-like flavor that Tabi has. If you want something with heavier ripe/natural fruit character, this is the ticket. The citric acidity and complexity opens up at cooler stages. This was a quick anaerobic fermentation in the barrel, making for a super thorough wash and even drying process. 

Mrs. Consuelo produces coffee with her family as a team effort. After the passing of her husband some years ago the family had to decide if they wanted to continue with the coffee business. The prossibility to work with specialty coffee motivated her children (all 24+ years old) to move back from the city to the farm & boost the family operation. With the support of her children Richard, Roxana and Blanca Flor, she has developed their Sidra and Tabi cultivars to a new level, experimenting with different fermentation processes.

Their infrastructure and knowledge allows them to ensure a consistent sustainable supply and represent an oportunity to prove that coffee agriculture can be an opportunity for younger generations. 

Tabi is a rad variety: It's a cross of Typica, Timor Hybrid & Bourbon. This variety commonly exhibits a lot of citrus-like qualities, this crop holds true to that essense of the Tabi variety. Would love to hear what y'all think of this one.

Orders are roasted on Monday & shipped the following day.

Coffees are best after two weeks+ of roast date. 

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