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Layo Teraga

Layo Teraga

Varietal: Ethiopian Landrace 

Region: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia 

Altitude: 2,300 MASL 

Process: Washed 

Harvest: January 2022 

Notes: Tropical fruit, jasmine, silky body & berry sweetness.


Layo Teraga is an outstanding expression of Guji berry-qualities while also expressing unique floral & citrus components. This coffee has a complex structure with notes of violet, raspberry and Meyer lemon. One of our favorites out of Ethiopia every year.  This Co-Op's work consistently scores extremely well on the cupping table, showcasing what Ethiopian coffee can offer. They have excelled at producing a hyper clean and well processed coffee as a community. Sparkling acidity, candied ginger, citrus blossom & lily overtones. We are super excited to show this one off; clean, juicy and bright.


Next scheduled roast date: June 12th, shipped the following day. Best cupped or brewed two weeks+ after roast date.


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