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Arnaud Causse - Bourbon

Arnaud Causse - Bourbon

Variety: 100% Bourbon

Farm: Terrazas del Pisque

Region: Pichincha, Ecuador

Elevation: 1900-2000 meters

Harvest: July 2023

Notes: Loganberry, Blackberry, Van Cherry, Big-rounded body, stone fruit with a dynamic acidity hot to cool.

We are stoked to share our first offering from Arnaud Causse this year. Bourbon has a strong resonation on the palate when it's poduced as well as this one. Arnaud executes the baseline characteristics of a well maturated Bourbon, it's got a heavy-weighted viscosity. This profile firmly presents peach and kumquat acidity. The cup is remniscient of a classic Bourbon from Latin America, syrupy mouthfeel with complex tones of cacao fruit, melon & pear. 

Arnaud Causse is one of the world's leading coffee farmer's. He's an agricultural engineer that delivers within the practice of forest-grown coffee. The work with his farm Terrazas del Pisque is a project that he is improving upon with each season. With the Pisque river running nearby, Arnaud has cultivated a biodynamic coffee paradise. Where there are coffee trees, there are also fruit trees planted, eucalyptus, plants for nitrogen fixation and even bee hives included to strengthen the ecosystem. The work on the farm is is more involved and detailed than typical mono-crop farming. His results are differentiated with happy-healthy coffee plants surrounded by a farm full of life. After tasting coffees from all types of farms, this method clearly packs more into the cherry seed.

If you've had Bourbon from us, this is a great way to experience the diversity of its manifestations. Bourbon is a variety that can display incredible cup quality and complexity. This variety has been hard to grow successfully, it's becoming more and more rare as other varieties with greater disease-resistance are favored by farmers.   We are glad to see it doing so well under the care of Arnaud & that we are able to share this offering with you.

Roasted on March 5th.

Our coffees are best cupped or brewed after two weeks+ of the roast date. Peak rest post-roast, 3weeks+. Enjoy anytime :)

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